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Hello there! 

My name is Andi. I use they/them pronouns. Nice to meet you. 

I am a visual artist currently exploring human and tree beings in acrylic paint in the North Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. 

I also write about a range of topics (fiction and non-fiction), largely in relation to the de-stigmatization of mental health issues. A sampling of my writing and visual art is available on this website.

My personal passion lies at the intersection of art and mental health, and is borne of lived experience; I retired from corporate law following a suicide attempt and its trying aftermath. While hospitalized in the psychiatric ward, I picked up the free markers and started drawing, rekindling a long-extinguished childhood spark. Art has since been a constant and central anchor. It has given me a new way to relate to the natural world and to navigate my emotions within it.  Through these therapeutic explorations I have undergone a parallel process of actualization as an emerging visual artist.

I am not just an artist; I connect with the world on my bike (I need to ride my bike). I also like to grow things, cook with them, and eat them. These things meld with the art and are part of the bizarre collection of things showing up on this website from time to time. 

The abundance of feeling I get from yoga, being outside, playing with my kids, and exploring the world as a recently out queer, non-binary person also bleed into my art. 

In my professional life, I am a workplace investigator and human rights lawyer. 


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